Earn double in Red Dead Online on Blood Money Opportunities and Blood Money Contracts

Other bonuses and a traditional free outfit from the community await you as well

The bonuses and events in Red Dead Online from March 5 to April 1 have been revealed.


  • 2X RDO$, Gold, and XP on Blood Money Opportunities
  • 2X RDO$ and XP on Blood Money Contracts
  • 2X RDO$ and XP on Featured Series
  • Boosted Persistent Posse XP
  • Boosted Capitale loot during Blood Money Contracts

Featured Series Calendar

  • Mar. 5–11: Hardcore Team Shootout Series
  • Mar. 12–18: Hardcore Saint Denis Series
  • Mar. 19–25: Hardcore Public Enemy
  • Mar. 26 – Apr. 1: Hardcore Pro Series

Monthlong Rewards

  • Persistent Posse setup fees waived
  • Complete any Blood Money Opportunity to receive a blue Morales Vest
  • Complete any Blood Money Crime to receive 2 Potent Miracle Tonics and 50 High Velocity Ammo
  • Participate in the Featured Series with a Persistent Posse to receive a green Prieto Poncho
  • Win a Featured Series match to receive a tan Carbow Double Bandolier

Weekly Rewards

Players who complete a Blood Money Contract each week throughout the month will receive:

  • Mar. 5–11: 20 Poison Throwing Knives
  • Mar. 12–18: A green pair of Carver Pants
  • Mar. 19–25: The Civil War Treasure Map
  • Mar. 26 – Apr. 1: A beige Gator Hat


  • 2 Gold Bars off: Hired Gun Kit
  • 50% off: Shirts and Skirts
  • 40% off: Torras and Guerro Ponchos, Pacific Union Cap, Role Outfits, Work and Riding Horses, Revolvers & Repeater and Revolver Ammo
  • 30% off: Mauser Pistol & Emotes

Returning Limited-time Clothing

Community-inspired Outfit

Free community-inspired outfit created by gamingflixx