Red Dead Online Naturalist Bonuses & Rewards, Nature-Themed Events & Incentives, New Community Outfit and more

This month in Red Dead Online, players can enjoy various bonuses and rewards tied to the Naturalist role and other exciting activities

The bonuses and events in Red Dead Online from January 9 to February 5 have been revealed.

Rewards for Naturalists

  • By selling a Sample, you can obtain the West Hill Haven Treasure Map.
  • Sell 5 Samples to acquire the Black and Silver Morning Tail Coat.
  • Completing a round of Wildlife Photography will reward you with 5 Legendary Animal Pheromones.
  • Completing an Animal Sighting Mission will grant you a 40% discount offer on a Novice or Promising Naturalist Role Item.


  • 3X RDO$ on Fish Sales to the Butcher
  • 2X RDO$, XP, and Gold on Featured Series
  • 2X RDO$ and XP on Wild Animals Kill Challenge
  • 2X RDO$ and XP on Fishing Challenge Free Roam Event
  • 2X RDO$ and XP on Naturalist Sample Sales
  • 2X RDO$ and XP on Wildlife Photography Free Roam Event

Featured Series Calendar

  • Jan. 9–15: Contrast Series (Last Stand and Sport of Kings)
  • Jan. 16–22: Hardcore Overrun Series
  • Jan. 23–29: Hardcore Elimination Series (Make It Count: Ancient Tomahawk, Bow and Arrow, and Throwing Knives)
  • Jan. 30 – Feb. 5: Tumbleweed Series


  • Upon logging in, you will receive a reward consisting of a Free Honor Reset, Weight Gain Tonic, and Weight Loss Tonic.
  • By hunting or sampling a Legendary Animal each week, you will be eligible to receive the following rewards:
    • Jan. 9–15: An Offer for 5 Gold Bars off a Vitalism Studies Pamphlet
    • Jan. 16–22: An Offer for 40% off an Established or Distinguished Naturalist Role Item
    • Jan. 23– 29: Black and Red Charro Jacket (Male), Red Hitched Skirt (Female)
    • Jan. 30 – Feb. 5: Beige Raccoon Hat


  • 5 Gold Bar Off: Sample Kit
  • 50% Off: Fishing Rod and Lures & Bow and Arrow
  • 40% Off: Naturalist Role Outfits, Gus' Garment Sets and Trinkets, Repeaters, Coats, Corsets, Gloves
  • 30% Off: Potent Predator Bait Pamphlet, Small Game Arrow Pamphlet, Mustang and Gypsy Cob Horses

Returning Limited-time Clothing

  • Furred Gloves
  • Calhoun Boots

Free Community-inspired Outfit

Free community-inspired outfit created by jermainejey .